Temperature Sensor Water Glow LED Shower Head

Temperature Sensor Water Glow LED Shower Head

Have you ever gotten in the shower and the water was freezing cold? I don't know about you, but for me, that really puts a damper on the whole day! Well, no need to worry about bad days anymore my friends - because today only - Daily Steals has a Temperature Sensor Water Glow LED Shower Head for only $7.98 ($2.99 plus $4.99 shipping)! This is a today-only deal and when it is gone - it is gone!

Never again will you have to brave the morning shower, half asleep, and either step into the freezing cold, or worse, scalding hot. This fancy shower head uses 3 distinct colored LED lights to let you know the temperature of your water. Green for less than 89° F, blue when the water is a comfortable temperature between 89 and 105° F, red at or above 105.9° F, and flashing red above 113 F. This item also comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty - Oh, and here is the kicker - it requires no batteries!

This product may also make you feel better about letting your children take showers alone because you can teach them the colors and which ones are good for them to safely bathe. I don't have kids so I am not sure how that all works - but I think the sooner you let them bathe themselves - the better. I find the whole thing kind of creepy. If you plan on having house guests (like during the Holiday Season) they will also be pleasantly surprised with how new age and cool your shower head is. It could be one of those nice little conversation starters at the breakfast table after you all had too much egg nog the night before and took what some may refer to as a "shower of shame".

In case you miss the deal - you have to see the hilarious video that talks about this miracle product - the guy in it is so nuts - he happens to be a recurring star for the products at Daily Steals - and all of he little clips he does are great! I think he should be the new oxyclean guy - you know, since the other one was snorting coke and passed into the great infomercial beyond.

Well, what are you waiting for? There is only a few hours left to get on this deal - and if you don't want to use it I am sure it would make a really fun gift.